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    Useful Software

    Some software that you may find useful in order to use our site and its resources:

    Increasing Text Size

    To increase the text size you can:

    • in Internet Explorer 7, select: Page » Text size
    • in older Internet Explorer versions, select: View » Text size
    • in Firefox, select: View » Font Size
    • in Opera, select: Tools » Preferences » Fonts » Minimum font size (pixels)

    Alternatively, you can use your mouse's wheel whilst you hold down the Control (Ctrl) key.

    Finally, for Internet Explorer users, we would recommend downloading the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar, it offers many valuable tools for disabled and non-disabled people alike.

    Web Standards

    Our website has been validated against the following standards:

    • Website Accessibility: priority 1, 2
    • XHTML Strict 1.0
    • CSS 2

    We also tested it in the following web browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 9.0+
    • Chrome 34.0+
    • Firefox 29.0+
    • Opera 21.0+